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No randomized double-blind controlled trials met the inclusion criteria. If the courts were to make orders manifestly incapable of achieving their avowed purpose, such as to prevent the dissemination of information which is already disseminated, the law would to my mind indeed be an ass.

That probability and the clumsiness that attended the urgent application seem to me to go hand in hand. The author also noted that acupuncture may be more effective than sham TENS at improving pain at 1 week after treatment, and at 6 months, in people with chronic neck pain.

Soc 135 plates need to be covered at all times to prevent sulfation and reduce the possibility of an internal battery explosion.

The concept of legal advice Privilege does not exist to secure confidentiality against misappropriation; it exists solely to legitimise a client in proceedings refusing to divulge the subject matter of communications with a legal advisor, received in confidence.

Acupuncture stimulation, especially with moxibustion, is expected to serve as a safe and effective modality in the management of breech presentation in a clinical setting. It is frequently said that the law is an ass. One who overhears the communication, whether with or without the clients knowledge is not within the protection of the privilege.

It is plain that the privilege is so-called precisely because it is an exception to the rule about what must be adduced. The authors concluded that they could not reach any confident conclusions about the safety and effectiveness of acupuncture based on 1 study.

Insofar as Aguma and the SABC may have laboured under the apprehension that they were entitled to dispense with the provisions of the procurement policy, it seems to me that such an apprehension amounted to no more than a reviewable error of law.

The Futility of the relief sought As such the rationale for the idea of privilege has evolved over time in response to judicial perceptions and evolving social mores about how court proceedings might appropriately be conducted. In addition, the duration of follow-up in these included trials was up to 10 weeks, and some RCTs had methodological flaws.

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That the contents of the document were confidential to SAA is incontrovertible. Moreover, in divining the exact nature of the right, its rationale must dictate the nature of the right.

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In any event, by then it was too late to offer even token opposition. Lam and co-workers evaluated the Soc 135 and effectiveness of acupuncture therapy monotherapy or adjuvant therapycompared with placebo, conventional interventions, or no treatment in treating patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease IPD.

There is also insufficient evidence regarding the relative cost-effectiveness of structured exercise, SMT, or acupuncture in the treatment of chronic LBP.

The authors concluded that further evidence in the form of RCTs are needed before any recommendations can be made for the use of acupuncture treatment in clinical use.

Acupuncture may correct imbalances of flow at identifiable points close to the skin. She offered to make changes to her story if comment was received by 22h When the SoC measured by a hydrometer or refractometer does not materially agree with the SoC measured by an accurate digital voltmeter, it is probably due to sulfation.

It may be offered to women with breech presentation". Moreover, it would have been important to know if the judge was alerted to the fact that the respondents had no forewarnings at all prior to the emails.

If you suspect that a battery is sulfated, it probably is, especially if it will not hold a charge, has not been charged in a while, or has been continuously undercharged. A surface charge can be eliminated by one of the following methods after recharging a lead-acid battery: The parties approached the Acting Deputy Judge-President for a special allocation of the matter.

The second question is whether, if the first question is answered in the affirmative, the delay ought to be condoned or whether it is in the interests of justice that the day period be extended or the failure to bring the application timeously should be condoned. But the potential publication bias still possibly exists.

Acupuncture care and usual care were both associated with clinically significant improvement at and month follow-up. The law provides subjective freedom for the client by assuring him of exemption from its processes of disclosure against himself or the attorney or their agents of communication.

[3] An argument was raised in the papers that the document, properly construed, was that of the acting CEO, who signed it and that it was a communication by the CEO to the board, rather than a legal opinion from Fikilepi to the CEO.

The contention was not pressed. Indeed, in my view, appropriately so, because Fikilepi herself also signed it. Inthe world's worst nuclear disaster occurred at the Chernobyl power station. Soviet authorities established a 30km 'Exclusion Zone' around this nuclear wasteland, but in a second explosion rocked the stricken reactor, obliterating all living things and causing the Zone's boundaries to ripple outwards.

Maintenance treatment, where the member's symptoms are neither regressing or improving, is considered not medically necessary. If no clinical benefit is appreciated after four weeks of acupuncture, then the treatment plan should be reevaluated.

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The Somersetshire Coal Canal. The Somersetshire Coal Canal was built to carry coal from the Paulton and Radstock coal fields to the Kennet and Avon Canal.

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